15 Travel-Related Gifts For Under $50 For Your Adventurous Friends

I own every single one of these and highly recommend them for your last-minute holiday shopping… or better yet just to send love to your adventurous friends and inspire their 2019 trips!

Stocking Stuffers

Universal Waterproof Cases $7

I take these everywhere and always, always find a use for it. Whether it’s hiking or going somewhere rainy or having a beach/water adventure, these things work and work well. I’ve used mine in various places from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland to a 10-mile hike to a waterfall in Arizona.

Airplane Foot Rest $7

This thing is weird, I admit, but it’s made long-haul flights (and those last-minute trips stuck in the middle seat) so much more bearable. No one likes to be pushed around by the person behind them because they’re putting their legs up on the seat. Instead, this hangs from the tray table (when it’s up or down) and is very sturdy. I highly recommend it for your “always traveling” friends! Plus, it can be used on any transportation that has a tray table!

Pocket journals $10 

I especially love these Rifle Paper Co. pocket journals. Add in a nice pen and a glue stick for them to paste stubs and tickets in it and you’re golden!

A Book Light $12

I was gifted this last Christmas and use it all the time. In hostels, on planes (and trains and buses), at night sitting outside eating dinner at a restaurant. It’s a great, easy gift for your traveling reader!

Anker Mini Portable Charger $18

I got myself one of these before my longterm travels, and a full charge lasts about a full 100% charge of the iPhone. This is enough for me when I’m out from morning to night to make sure that my phone doesn’t die, and it’s the size of a lipstick so very easy to carry and fit in pockets!

Compression Socks $10-20

These are more practical than not, but these Happy Socks one are also cute! They would be a great gift for anyone who flies a lot!

For your always-on-the-go friend

Personalized Passport Case $20-$50


I was gifted this by a friend and I adore it. You can go to Etsy and search among tons of options. I guarantee any traveler will like this!

Polaroid camera $50

This is a great gift for your photographer friends or just your artsy friends who may want to document the trip instantaneous! I love taking mine on weekend trips!

Kiehl’s Mini Face Mask Set $40

I take these everywhere I go and use them often when I need to relax, cleanse or self-care.

Flight001 Spacepak  $46

This space pack is insane. I packed for five weeks in Europe with this thing and was able to take just a carry on!

For your aspiring traveling friend

Lonely Planet Where To Go Desk Calendar $15

Inspire your friend’s next adventure with this awesome calendar. I got one as a gift last year and loved reading about new places and adding destinations to my bucket list!

Travel & Leisure Magazine Subscription $14

I love getting this every month. It gives me new ideas of things to see in the world and places to stay, but it also has some really great travel essays that are perfect for my commute.

Universal Yums Subscription $16+

This awesome subscription service sends you local snacks and candy from a different country every month. It’s perfect for the non-traveler who’s curious about other places and foodies!

Atlas Obscura $26

I was gifted this last year and love it. Every time I plan a trip, I peruse through this to see if I can find something weird, creepy, special or odd in a place to see/do/eat. It also makes for a fantastic coffee table book!

Personalized destinations board $25

I love this so much. You can get this for a travel couple or inspire a friend with places they’ve always wanted to go. Either way, it would look great in any home!

And if you still don’t feel inspired by any of these a gift card to Airbnb or an airline is always a good idea.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite travel-related gift has been!


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