A Month Of Solo Travel

A Month Of Solo Travel is a biweekly newsletter for the month of April empowering you with quotes, stories, science and challenges to do things alone.

I urge everyone to solo travel at least once in their lives. If you’re curious, check out this page for more info on how I can help you. But if it terrifies you into paralysis, even though you may want to try, this newsletter is perfect for you.

Choose yourself every day, consciously, without leaving your town/city. By doing so, you will open up parts of yourself that have remained dormant because of your routine. You will allow yourself to change into a better version of you.

“Your mind stands between who you are, your personality and whatever situation you are in. It interprets the world around it, and how it feels about what it sees. And so when the stuff inside the mind changes, the person changes.” – Psychologist Walter Mischel

With this newsletter, I will help you become more self-reliant, confident, and self-loving. It won’t be easy. You may feel uncomfortable. But I promise that the vulnerability of doing things alone will give you exactly what you didn’t know you needed. (And there are prizes!)

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