About Sahaj Kaur Kohli:

I refuse to live a life overcast with routine and complacency. So I left my comfortable and stable life (and partner) in New York City last September to travel and work full-time.

I’m a storyteller who uses (solo) travel and human connection as my inspiration. I love wandering aimlessly, building community, and advocating for mental health/personal development. I also take pride in being an aunt and helping to raise four good men.

I often find myself thinking about my skin color and my Indian roots and how they affect my relationships, my daily interactions and my inner dialogue.

Work: Senior Editor, HuffPost

About this blog:

This website is my own space for sharing personal essays on identity and travel stories/tips, and for honestly navigating my own journey of personal development. 

I certainly can’t speak for anyone else but if any of my work resonates with you, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to reach out through the contact form or on social media.

You can find my other work on HuffPost, Matador Network, Art in Odd Places